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By participating in research studies, you play a crucial part in helping physicians and other researchers to develop and test better ways to diagnose and treat people with different types of illnesses.


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At Columbus Clinical Service, we are actively seeking new volunteers ready to make a difference by participating in a Clinical Trial.

We count on your support, making possible new treatments and medicines.

At Columbus Clinical Services, we give new hope for health.

The Importance of
Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are fundamentals in the discovery of new treatments for diseases. Research also helps to uncover solutions to manage the symptoms and conditions.

Clinical trials are where new treatments are tested before they are made available to the general public. While participants of clinical trials cannot be assured of treatment, there are often many other benefits associated with participating.

Participants are closely followed by board-certified physicians, gain new knowledge about their condition, receive diagnostic tests and labs at no cost, and help advance medicine by providing valuable data for the research study. Additionally, participants are often compensated for their time devoted to participation.


Why participate in
Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials play an incredibly important role in our society. They help determine if new treatments are safe and effective. Unfortunately, many don’t ever get off the ground, because it can be very difficult to reach the enrollment goal for a given clinical trial.

Our site also recruits volunteers through IRB approved advertising campaigns, direct mail, and participation in community healthcare-related special events.

Phases of Clinical Trials

Phase 1

Focus on safety, side effects,
and finding the
correct drug dosage.

Phase 2

Focus on efficacy and continue
to study safety, including
short-term side effects. 

Phase 3

Focus on different populations
and dosages, using the drug in
combination with other drugs.

Phase 4

After FDA approves, a device or drug, their effectiveness and safety are monitored in large, diverse populations.

at no cost

Research Treatment

Gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available.

Medical Team

Obtain expert medical care at leading health care facilities during the trial.

No Insurance

Medical care and research medications will be provided at no cost to you or your insurance.


Most studies offer monetary compensation for your time and travel expenses.

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